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Some of Our Clients

Best-in-Class Global Campus Solutions

WCN Campus is the vanguard of campus recruiting, with the applicant-friendly solution that organizations need to attract and hire the best college and graduate talent. A leading global IT research and advisory company recognizes WCN’s campus recruitment capabilities as best-in-class. We have what the others don’t - event registration and management, automated candidate processing and online scheduling for interviews. We’re your one stop solution for campus.

Award-Winning Global Campus e-Recruitment

We bring to bear decades of award-winning expertise and an obsession with driving real change in organizations by accelerating and improving the entire process of finding, assessing, and hiring emerging talent. Since 1995, WCN has provided innovative solutions to the world’s most successful campus recruiting teams, earning continued accolades at the Onrec Awards since their inception in 2005.

Unrivalled Campus Experience.

WCN Campus is singularly focused on increasing transparency and meaningful interactions between recruiters and campus talent and has been developed over the last two decades. We are focused on campus recruiting and continually search for a better way to engage and connect college and graduate candidates with employers who desperately need their talents.

A Constant Stream of Campus Innovation

WCN Campus’s vast experience combined with our marketplace data around campus recruiting helps our clients become more strategic. Our expertise coupled with key data insights allow us to increase velocity and effectiveness throughout an organization’s campus recruiting process — resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective solution. Being the leader in campus recruiting only remains true if we anticipate the needs of our users.

What our Clients' Candidates Say...

‘This is the most applicant friendly system I have ever used in my career. It is designed in a very thoughtful manner, with no unnecessary duplication of applicant information ever. It has saved me time it also seems very transparent’ Chicago Booth Student

‘Sensibly structured form - allowed CV upload and then did not require repetition of details in other sections as other application forms unfortunately do Oxford University Student

After having used other major companies' unnecessarily difficult online systems, your system was a pleasure to use Your system is the best I have seen so far and it is very user friendly. Thank you and well done. Columbia University Student

Significantly more efficient and user-friendly than most other comparable firms. Bravo. University of Pennsylvania Student